Top 5 Rappers You May Not Have Heard Of

At first this list was simply going to be labelled my top 5 rappers of 2013, which would have been a very different list. But by adding the “You may not have heard of” portion to the title I turn this from a generic list of the successful rappers active in 2013 headed by Kendrick Lamar or someone else everyone is sick of by now, to something a bit more personal to my tastes in music and something more useful to the reader. A list which will hopefully help you discover new music so that you may fall in love with it as much as I have. Also, this way I can avoid being labelled a hipster for putting lesser known musicians in my list which is always a bonus.

And so here is my list of Top 5 rappers you may not have heard of:

Lucky Lance:lucky lance

Member of New Zealand collective “Young, Gifted and Broke”, Half of rap duo Team Dynamite and one seriously talented dude. I first came across this MC when he completely bodied my favourite rapper on a guest verse (I have supplied the link to this song, check it out). A really fresh and unique style as well as voice. With only one Mixtape and one full album out he isn’t quite as experienced as the others on this list but I honestly think this man, with his huge frame and beard which almost resembles a Pacific island version of Action Bronson, can stand up alongside big international names in quality and production levels. The Team Dynamite album is available for 16 NZ bucks on bandcamp, check it out.

Notable music: – shepherds delight

Final verse on aforementioned song, Nobody – Album available hereRead More »